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16 ways to foster a positive mood in bad times

At some point in life anyone can fall into sadness or depression. Overcoming this is a struggle that for some can be hard. In the most serious cases, sometimes it is necessary to resort to medication, but when the case is mild, there are ways by which you can achieve emotional well-being by yourself. There are positive ways to foster a positive mood.positive mood

To begin with, let me tell you three things that can make you feel good if you do them regularly: to become more self-aware, to practice self-love and to realize the infinite blessings and possibilities of your life.

However, while we consistently carry out these three basic points, we can fall back at any time and have periods of sadness or depression. So here are 30 ways that can get you out of the rut when that happens:

  1. Take a moment to reflect. Every time you feel depressed, think for a few minutes and analyze your feelings to get to its root and realize what is making you feel bad. Knowing the cause will help you fight the discomfort.
  2. Approach someone. Do not hold back for fear of being judged. Seek support in a trustworthy person who gives you his affection and to whom you can tell him how you are feeling. Friends will always have ideas on how to make you feel better.
  3. Listen to music. Music helps to calm the pain and brings peace and tranquility. Listen to your favorite music and you will see the favorable effect on your mood.
  4. Play with pets. Animals of any species bring us happiness when we are happy, but also when we suffer or feel sad.
  5. Go for a walk. Walking outdoors for a while helps your mind clear and makes you feel better.
  6. Take something healthy and invigorating. An orange juice has the properties needed to fill you with energy and make you feel better soulfully.
  7. Write. Putting your feelings in writing will help you recognize them and make you aware of what is making you feel bad.
  8. Take a nap. Have you noticed how it improves your mood after a little sleep? Take a few minutes and recharge your energy with a little nap.
  9. Plan a fun activity: When we are sad, it is best to do activities that fill us with excitement and rejoicing. Plan an activity that you like, it can be from something simple to something more complicated like a trip of weekend, why not? There are many places near the place where you live that you can meet and will help you to distract you.
  10. Do something spontaneous. Break the routine and get into action with something exciting and unplanned.
  11. Look at old photos or take some new ones. Seeing pictures of good memories of the past is a good way to say goodbye to sadness. You can also go outside and take some. If you use the applications that make the photos seen as taken by a professional, you will feel quite happy and proud of the result obtained.
  12. Embrace someone. According to several studies, embracing greatly improves mood, reduces stress and can cure depression.
  13. Laugh. According to experts, laughter immunizes against depression and distress. According to Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, laughter helps to release negative energies.
  14. Cry. It sounds a little contradictory, but crying is also a way to feel good, because thanks to it, the hormones of well-being are released and the levels of distress are reduced. It’s like a natural tranquilizer. After weeping we enter into a state of relaxation.
  15. Watch a funny video on Youtube. Movies and comedy series are highly recommended, but if you are in the office and obviously do not have time to see a complete movie, turn to our good friend Youtube and look for a video that makes you have a good time. There are thousands!
  16. Change your negative thoughts to positive ones. This is one of the ways that I most practical. When something makes me feel bad or starts to slow my mood, I try to change it, leave it behind and replace it with something that makes me feel good.

And you, do you have any other method to get out of the saddle of sadness? Share it in the comments!

10 very important things about intimate female hygiene

The smell of the vagina is a concern of which no woman is saved. Compared frequently with the fishy smell, that very strong, they should not smell anything, that men like their smell, they are not fans of it, etc.

The reality is that every woman has a particular aroma, in some it is stronger and in others less, however, what is a fact is that it should not smell bad, if so the reason may be an infection or not Is doing the hygiene properly.female hygiene

So here we tell you 10 things you should know about cleaning up that intimate part.

  1. If you want to keep infections away, one of the most effective ways is proper intimate hygiene.
  2. Peeero Oye!, Excessive cleaning can also contribute to infection, so you should not obsess about it.
  3. Cleaning should be carried out in such a way that the microorganisms, called lactobacilli, which naturally live in the vagina, are kept in balance.
  4. These lactobacilli are positive for our organism since they defend it of some negative agents.
  5. The vagina has its own cleaning mechanisms so you should never use products like baking soda or vinegar to clean the genitals believing that this will achieve greater neatness; The vaginal showers are also totally discarded.
  6. Other products you should not use: body soap, deodorant, brushes, creams, powders or lotions. They all affect the balance of your lactobacilli.
  7. Daily pantiprotectors are also not a good idea because they favor moisture and allow the growth of unwanted microorganisms. Take into account that if you use them to not stain your underwear, then your flow may not be normal as this should be low.
  8. What you can use: water and hypoallergenic soap.
  9. Method: Asséate daily. When you do, separate your older and smaller lips to wash between them and prevent secretions from accumulating. Remember that it is only from the outside, nothing from the inside.
  10. After having sex you should also wash yourself, especially in the case of using oils, foods or creams. At the end, it dries very well to avoid moisture and not to generate fungi.

Bad breath? Coffee can be the solution

Ninety percent of Mexicans suffer or have suffered from bad breath (halitosis). And there is a good percentage of people in the world who also manifest this problem. This was reported by the president of the Mexican Association of Industry and Dental Trade (AMIC Dental), Ayub Safar Boueri, and the director of the Faculty of Dentistry of the UNAM, José Arturo Fernández Pedrero, according to the portal .mx.

Most of the causes of bad breath are generated in the mouth and are usually due to bacteria that produce volatile sulfur compounds, caused by alcohol consumption, cigarettes or food. The traditional recommendations for combating bad breath are brushing your teeth after every meal, flossing and mouthwash, but now there is a new solution!bad bread remedies

According to, scientists at Tel Aviv University have just demonstrated that coffee extract can inhibit the development of bacteria in the mouth that cause halitosis. There is the widespread idea that coffee with milk casua bad breath, and that is, because coffee has a dehydrating effect and combined with milk can ferment giving rise to malodorous bacteria.

But to the surprise of the study’s author, Mel Rosenberg, his experiments revealed that the pure coffee extract may have the opposite effect, inhibiting the growth of these bad odor bacteria in the mouth.

From this discovery, perhaps in a short time we will be seeing the creation of mouthwashes and coffee flavored chewing gum, whose advantage would be that when using the pure extract would be combating the origin of the evil and not only masking it which is what the menthol products do .

Other remedies against halitosis

Nevertheless in the naturist medicine they also propose other natural remedies to combat this evil, through infusions and herbs that have the property to attack the bacteria that generate smell. Some of them are:

  • Parsley tea with cloves, cold and used as a mouthwash.
  • Peppermint tea that is also digestive.
  • Chew aniseed, mint and cloves.
  • Brush your teeth with baking soda and lemon.
  • Drink black tea.
  • Peppermint tea.
  • Eat a green apple regularly
  • Take infusions and juices that provide lots of vitamin C.

Factors that also influence halitosis

Bad breath also depends on healthy eating, and frequent oral cleaning habits. It has to do with the fact that some stomach problems resulting from overeating or bad digestion are a factor that causes strong and unpleasant breaths.

The second is related to the fact that this problem has a more profound and direct relationship with the bacteria that tend to persist in the teeth. That is why it is necessary to carry out a frequent deep cleaning, by brushing the teeth of the tongue and the inner part of the mouth. Complement with floss, and mouthwash.