Icaria, the island where people forgot to die

Why while in some parts of the world people already have heart problems at age 40, in other parts of the world they live 100 years and are also in a good state of mind? To solve this, some health specialists visited Icaria, a Greek island with a high longevity index.

Mediterranean cuisine, the specialty of the Greek people, has been known for being very healthy and providing a better lifestyle. This is accentuated on this island with elderly people who are able to perform a series of activities with agility, and without manifesting any kind of alterations. These are some of their secrets.people icaria

Traditional food from Icaria

As we said before the food is one of the vital lanes for a better quality of life, and in that the Greek cuisine takes the palms. In Icaria what is consumed is a variant of this kitchen, which apparently has very good results.

In this abuna bean, and a vegetable that calls the vegetable garden. It is a leaf that many would mistake for the weeds that grow on the edges of the road, but which locals use on green salads, or steamed to make cakes or entrees. Its nutrients have a deep relationship with the enviable health of its inhabitants.

The Icaria Lifestyle

However there are also other factors that are deeply related to the lifestyle that leads to longevity in Icaria. And some of them overturn all the presumptions about how to have a long life.

For example, exercise. This island does not practice a punctual exercise routine, nor any exhausting activity. It is customary to grow a garden or garden, which is a diligence that guarantees that every day will be taking care of this.

People on this island go to town for shopping or walking, which becomes a pleasant walk both back and forth. This results in people and fitness and without obesity.

Life goals

Finally the factor that seems to keep the inhabitants of Icaria a little more on the planet is the persistence of life goals. When in Western societies people retire in their jobs, this becomes the beginning of the end for many of these.

From there begin the “evils of the elderly”, which lead to a certain death in a few years. When a life goal is removed from the mind, and the desire to live is given up, sooner or later the end is found.

In Icaria, no matter how old you are, people keep activities, and pursue accomplishments. The benefit is continuity in a long and very healthy lifestyle

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