Losing Weight After 40 and Staying Healthy

As the years go by, the scale points to higher numbers and takes a lot longer to lower the odds. Weight loss after the age of 40 becomes more difficult due to hormonal changes, decreased metabolism, decreased sleep and higher levels of stress. It is a nightmare to men and women.

Losing Weight After 40

Aging causes gradual decline of metabolism, according to the amount of calories we need to consume to keep our body in balance. However, the gradual increase in weight is also related to the decrease in physical capacity and activity.

Each phase of life is characterized by several metabolisms, such as the bone that has greater expressiveness in the period of adolescence. From it, our ability tends to decline. After 40 years of age, most men and women lose at least 10% of their muscle mass per decade, which means lower calorie burning.

Protein metabolism in the elderly is an important factor for the maintenance of muscle mass and activities of daily living. Scientific data shows that elderly people have a reduction of protein synthesis due to aging, although other studies correlate with increased degradation.

Women and men in their 40s need about 300 to 500 calories less per day than they needed at age 20 to maintain their body. This response of the physical structure is due to metabolic changes as a function of age. The correct thing is to maintain a balanced and healthy diet guided by a professional.

Reducing calorie intake improperly and incorporating consistently exercising into the routine are the best ways to avoid weight gain in this age group.

How to lose weight when you are 40 something

Any regular, well-directed physical activity provides satisfactory results that contribute to calories loss. Long walks on a fast pace triples the energy expenditure over what is consumed when resting, just as swimming vigorously increases calories burning four to five times more and climbing upstairs or riding a bicycle raises it six times.

The equation remains the same, despite the age group: You lose weight when burn more calories than you consumed; gain weight when burn less than consumed! Aerobic physical exercises such as walking, body jumping, dances and cycling are the most indicated for those who want to lose weight after 40, but always associated with activities for gaining muscle mass like bodybuilding.

However, it is worth mentioning that incorporating a healthy diet into a routine of physical exercises when we are past four decades of age, may guarantee not only weight loss, but also prevent heart problems.

Orthomolecular diet, for instance, has become a sensation helping men and women come to terms with the scales. This particular diet, promising excellent results, consists of balanced ingredients to correct possible deficiencies or excess of vitamins and minerals in the body to neutralize free radicals and slow aging rate. It is a diet, which prioritizes the use of functional foods; those that have beneficial properties and are able to treat and prevent diseases.

Included in the diet are orthomolecular foods that accelerate metabolism like green, black and herb teas, plus coffee, apple cider vinegar and condiments in general. Cheese, fatty meats, fried foods, and soy are extinct from the menu because they decrease the body’s metabolism.

Balance would be the key to a healthy mind in a proper body. It is possible to be healthy and beautiful regardless of age. Seek what is possible and feasible, always under medical supervision, without spells and without new frustrations. It is never too late to start feeling good about yourself.

To age is to understand the phenomenon of life, but to try to improve for a matter of self-esteem and image is a supportive attitude. The ideal is the balancing of nutrients and attention to the consumption of calcium and vitamins, associated with the physical activity within the endurance capacity of each individual, even after the big 4.0 episode!

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