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How to lose weight without trying

Losing weight or staying on the line is a struggle in which we are constantly immersed. Starting a diet just to quit is not the best option. The best thing is to improve the constant lifestyle in which it is possible to always keep us at a good weight. Due to this ,today we tell you what the golden rules of healthy eating are that will help you lose weight without suffering:how to lose weight

Do not skip breakfast to lose weight

Scientists at Imperial College London (UK) showed that we skip breakfast, hours later our brain often has strong cravings for fatty, high-calorie foods. What does this mean? Well, we do not need to study it, but you do not have to eat it, if you do not eat breakfast, you will have a lion hunger in the middle of the morning, and you will want to devour what is set before you . Many people do not eat breakfast and when they are in the office with the basic coffee in the morning they eat their donuts or industrial breads. With this method the results, as you can imagine, are not the best for your plan to lose kilos.

Eat a lot of fiber

It is one of the best ways to lose weight. One study showed that people had low-fat diet that included 26 grams of fiber for every 1,000 calories lost more than those who had followed a diet richer in fat and poorer in fiber (only 7 grams a day). Increase your fiber intake by eating bran cereals, pasta and whole wheat bread and lots of fruits and vegetables.

Eat little and often

By following this rule you keep blood sugar levels in such a way that you do not go so far as to feel very hungry which prevents you from throwing yourself full to a copious meal. It also helps your metabolism work properly.

Watch the rations

As a rule, the carbohydrate ration (pasta, rice, potatoes) should fit in the palm of your hand. The same for the case of proteins (fish, meat, cheese). As for the fruit and vegetables, you can eat as much as you want.

Care with alcohol

Say goodbye to the beers. Alcoholic beverages are full of empty calories that can not be stored, so the body uses them first and stores the fat everything you have eaten too much with respect to the needs of your body. In any case a glass of red wine is allowed or a little tequila.

Eat slower

If you eat very fast, you eat more. The brain and stomach take about 20 minutes to realize that you are full, so it is best to eat calmly. Eat seated, leave the fork on the plate between bite and bite and chew lots of food before swallowing.

Supermarket Care

Never go hungry. Stick to your shopping list. Avoid the “two-for-one” offers of chips, and if you are not going to the whole week’s shopping, you better use the basket than a cart.

Use smaller plates

We tend to finish everything that is on the plate, so it is better to use a few large ones where the portion will be higher.

Carbs at night are not your friends

It is unlikely that your body will need carbs after dinner so it will store them as fat. Better eat protein like fish, cotagge cheese or cooked vegetables

Take fruit or salad before the meal

It has been shown that women who eat apple or pear before meal lose more weight than those who follow the same low calorie diet without taking fruit. The fruit is very rich in fiber, which contributes to satiate you. In another study, people who ate to low-fat 100-calorie salad before eating later ate about 12 percent less than those who did no.