10 very important things about intimate female hygiene

The smell of the vagina is a concern of which no woman is saved. Compared frequently with the fishy smell, that very strong, they should not smell anything, that men like their smell, they are not fans of it, etc.

The reality is that every woman has a particular aroma, in some it is stronger and in others less, however, what is a fact is that it should not smell bad, if so the reason may be an infection or not Is doing the hygiene properly.female hygiene

So here we tell you 10 things you should know about cleaning up that intimate part.

  1. If you want to keep infections away, one of the most effective ways is proper intimate hygiene.
  2. Peeero Oye!, Excessive cleaning can also contribute to infection, so you should not obsess about it.
  3. Cleaning should be carried out in such a way that the microorganisms, called lactobacilli, which naturally live in the vagina, are kept in balance.
  4. These lactobacilli are positive for our organism since they defend it of some negative agents.
  5. The vagina has its own cleaning mechanisms so you should never use products like baking soda or vinegar to clean the genitals believing that this will achieve greater neatness; The vaginal showers are also totally discarded.
  6. Other products you should not use: body soap, deodorant, brushes, creams, powders or lotions. They all affect the balance of your lactobacilli.
  7. Daily pantiprotectors are also not a good idea because they favor moisture and allow the growth of unwanted microorganisms. Take into account that if you use them to not stain your underwear, then your flow may not be normal as this should be low.
  8. What you can use: water and hypoallergenic soap.
  9. Method: Asséate daily. When you do, separate your older and smaller lips to wash between them and prevent secretions from accumulating. Remember that it is only from the outside, nothing from the inside.
  10. After having sex you should also wash yourself, especially in the case of using oils, foods or creams. At the end, it dries very well to avoid moisture and not to generate fungi.

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